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Turn your viewers into paid subscribers on Twitch and Mixer.

We know your content is fantastic and highly valued, give your audience the tools to show you their love! 

Qa·pla Gam·ing 

 /kæʔpˈlæ/ /ˈɡeɪmɪŋ/

The place where gamers succeed. From the Klingon Qapla’.

Play for instant subscriptions with your viewers.

Post quick and easy-to-play competitions in our app so your viewers can play them for FREE to win subscriptions and donations for your channel. Or just encourage your audience to play with the us, we post comps every day 😉

Increase retention and engagement with your audience.

We know that convincing your audience to buy subscriptions every month is a hard task; with Qapla Gaming, you and your audience win prizes every day doing what you love the most, playing video games!

We make it fun and interactive!

Prizes come in Q-boxes and every Q-box has a hidden reward for you or your viewer 😱, open them in your live streams to make it more exciting! The more Q-boxes you open, the more subscriptions and donations you win.

Grow your audience.

Leverage the Qapla Gaming community to attract more viewers to your channel by posting comps every day in our platform, everybody will see and know that subscribing to your channel is easy and fun!

Getting paid subscribers and donators just got super easy and fun!